Our Environmental Policy is as follows:

  1. The farm is committed to the protection of the environment and minimising any adverse impacts of its activities at all levels, directly and through its influence on others.
  2. To embrace and promote renewable energy on the farm.
  3. Integrating good environmental management policies and practices and communicating these to visitors and contractors on the farm
  4. Conserving natural resources by minimising avoidable waste and pollution and adopting new technologies as a means of minimising its use of non-renewable resources.
  5. Improving the efficiency of the use of energy, especially through building conversion and lighting.
  6. Improving the efficiency and use of water by monitoring use and checking of leaks.
  7. Avoiding the unnecessary use of hazardous materials and processes through a purchasing policy which avoids materials with undesirable environmental impact.
  8. Developing a recycling and reuse policy for its resources and the use of recycled and recyclable materials.
  9. Protecting natural habitats and wildlife on land and water by being sensitive to landscape issues and actively promoting habitat creation and biodiversity.
  10. Promoting an awareness of the need for environmental activity by use of the website.
  11. Future purchasing of materials and products that give conservation of water and reduced energy requirements

* We are also in the process of calculating our carbon use and our intention is to be carbon neutral in the next year! *