Agriculture & The Farm

We have Four blocks of land, some at Redmile, Easthorpe, Bottesford and Normanton. We have a Wheat, Wheat, Oilseed Rape rotation. This means we grow Winter Wheat for two years and then Oilseed Rape in the third harvest year.

We don’t have our own machinery to cultivate, drill (that means planting the seed) spray, fertilise and combine the crop as we had a dispersal sale of all of our own machinery on Saturday 2nd June 2001.

We are lucky to have Geoff & Leigh Donger who are local farm contractors who assist us with all the Arable farming activities on the farm. In the summer, I will post some pictures of Geoff & Leighs new machinery cultivating and getting the land ready for drilling the next year’s crop!

If anyone has any questions about the farm, please contact me via the contact us section of our website.